About Orchid Mist Healing

a new dimension in healing

Orchid Mist Healing is your catalyst for change, for transformation. This healing energy technique is based, in part, on knowledge gained over twenty plus years in private practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic, training in Spring Forest Qigong, Esoteric Healing, Reiki, and various psychic development courses. The work occurs in the fifth dimension, but is anchored here in the third dimension where the human body resides. Like other healing energy methods, Orchid Mist Healing may be done in person or absentee. In person, the healing may be done hands on, but quite often the work is done through the energy field. Hands on or hands off, you will feel Orchid Mist Healing within your body.

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“For me, this meeting was very profound. I am more focused now and I know what I want to do–no more hesitance.” ~Bunny M.

Orchid Mist Healing sessions vary and are unique to each individual. The Plumb Line Balance may be done as a procedure on its own, but is also commonly done at the end of healing sessions. This Balance aligns the chakras, as well as the vertical and horizontal axes of the body. The alignment helps the Mind-Body-Soul balance as we work between the third and fifth dimensions.


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The Angelic Wing Opening involves aligning the chakras and setting the balances on specific energetic triangles in the heart center, in the head, and in the crown. As the final balance settles, an energetic field unfolds which feels and looks like angelic wings. There are many reasons to have the Angelic Wing Opening done. For one thing, it just feels awesome–uplifting, yet empowering at the same time. It brings majesty to the physical body. Opening the Angelic Wings may also bring the deepest sensation and level of comfort you’ve ever experienced.


Framed photo for website“After receiving an Orchid Mist Healing, I felt balanced on all levels and grounded all the way to the center of the Earth.”  ~Susan U.


After the initial energetic scan, there is no real set pattern or routine to an Orchid Mist Healing session. Each session is based on and guided by what your body’s systems are asking to be addressed. In some instances, the session may look and feel like a combination of a psychic reading and an energetic healing. In some cases, however, your guides may just ask that the portal be opened so healing energy and information can be downloaded directly to you.