Whether I’m working with my chiropractic clients or my energy work clients, it is paramount that I be in a place of neutrality. My training has made me very observant, but simple observation may not tell the whole story. For example, as I watch you walk into the treatment room, I notice you are limping. I need to park my emotions before I even ask what is going on. If I approach with a pre-conceived notion of what is causing the limp, how effective do you think the treatment might be? Am I going to find what you and your body are showing me or am I going to find what I think I should be finding? Being in neutrality is just as important when I’m in session with my energy work clients. If you bring me a question about your life or a pattern that seems to be repeating, etc. and I go right into fear or judgement or any other emotion, how accurately will I be able to read your energy? In fact, I might be reading my stuff and not helping you at all.

Working from a place of neutrality is not just for healers and readers. It’s for everyone! So how do you get there? There are several techniques, but here is an easy way. Name the first emotion that comes to mind. Don’t think about this—just name the first emotion that comes to mind. Now that you have named an emotion, think about the emotion that is the polar opposite of the one you just named. Got it? Good. Now, go to the center of that emotional scale and experience what that feels like. You are in the place of neutrality. To me, it feels light and open and clean.

Practice a few times throughout your day. If something comes up that throws you for a loop, name the emotion, go to its polar opposite, then come back to the neutral center point. The more often you practice, the easier this gets. The other benefit? You realize they are all just emotions.

And with that, it’s time for tea. I believe today’s fine brew is Cinnamon Spice.