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On Being Human

C. S. Lewis once said, “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” It’s so encouraging to be around so many people who are opening to or deepening their psychic and spiritual gifts. One issue I keep running into at expos or other gatherings is that some people seem to be missing or not thinking about the soul, body, planet connection. We are energetic beings. We are souls who have chosen to incarnate at this time on this planet. To do that, we have chosen to inhabit human bodies on the planet Earth. What I keep running into is people who are on the path and doing beautiful heart-centered work, but forgetting about the Earth connection. Just as we are connected via our Soul cords to God/Goddess/Source of All That Is/__fill in the blank___, would it not be wise to ground ourselves to the core of this planet and use that wonderfully creative energy to do our work all day/night long?

Go forth and ponder. It’s time for a cup of tea. Tomorrow’s topic is boundaries and empaths.

Wake Up and Get Moving

Now is the time for all good humans to wake up to their psychic and spiritual abilities. Learn what your gifts are. Practice them daily. The time is NOW!

Welcome to the OrchidLady blog. I hope to be back here often. More importantly, I hope to see you back here often, as well!

There are several directions we can go during an Orchid Mist session. “Strange things” have started happening and you want to know if you’re a) imaging it, b) hallucinating, c) going crazy, or d) starting to open up to your psychic abilities. Or, you think you do have psychic abilities but don’t know what to do with them or how to increase or enhance them. Or you have some questions about your life, problems that you think you solved but keeping coming up over and over. All of these and more can be addressed with Orchid Mist.

So, make your list of questions. Call me and let’s get moving.!

Come home to Orchid Mountain

Dr. Deb Heim


Welcome to Orchid Mountain! This is the homepage for Heim Chiropractic, PA, Orchid Mist Healing, and Doctor’s Orders Art. As you can see, I’m in the process of building the various pages for this site. Thank you for your patience. Check back often to see all the new items!

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