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Has she posted anything yet?

Has she posted anything yet?

This is a Snow Leopard from Como Zoo in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Snow Leopards are my favorites in the Big Cat family. I really should be able to pet that awesome tail and scratch those fuzzy ears sometime, don’t you think? Please?

Snow Leopards bring many energetic messages, some which may be for you while others are not. Discernment is key when working with Snow Leopard. Opening of intuition and the connection to Divinity comes from their home high in the mountains, their closeness to the gods and goddesses of the mountain. They are the colors of Earth (brown), Day (white), and Night (black), connecting Earth, Spirit, Magic and balancing Light and Shadow. Snow Leopards are very good hunters. They move quietly, stealthily on large, very sensitive paws when stalking prey. Snow Leopards step first with the outside of the foot before putting their entire weight on a foot as they walk. This allows them to avoid snapping twigs or loose rocks as they stalk prey. They are very agile when jumping or leaping. Snow Leopards speak to us of opening our intuition to walk our path wisely and in trust. Once on the path, Snow Leopard helps us leap over obstacles which may slow us down or lead us astray. They attack from behind. Snow Leopard asks us to be aware of our surroundings, to watch and guard our space.

So, in opening your intuitive abilities, move quietly so as to make steady progress without drawing undue attention. Feel the connection to the Divine. Trust in what is not seen. Maintain your energetic boundary, ie watch your back.*

*Sources for the Metaphysical and Energetic properties of Snow Leopards include “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews, Judy’s Angels and Ancestors Blog, and LilySongbird Healing & Jewelry.


It is paramount that I be in a place of neutrality when I doing readings or energy medicine work. My training has made me very observant, but simple observation may not tell the whole story. For example, as I watch you walk towards me, I notice all the lights blink as you walk under them. I need to park my emotions before I even ask what is going on. If I approach with a pre-conceived notion of what is causing the blink, how effective do you think the energy session might be? Am I going to find what you and your body are showing me or am I going to find what I think I should be finding? Being in neutrality is just as important when I’m in session with my energy work clients or when giving a reading. If you bring me a question about your life or a pattern that seems to be repeating, etc. and I go right into fear or judgement or any other emotion, how accurately will I be able to read your energy? In fact, I might be reading my stuff and not helping you at all.

Working from a place of neutrality is not just for healers and readers. It’s for everyone! So how do you get there? There are several techniques, but here is an easy way. Name the first emotion that comes to mind. Don’t think about this—just name the first emotion that comes to mind. Now that you have named an emotion, think about the emotion that is the polar opposite of the one you just named. Got it? Good. Now, go to the center of that emotional scale and experience what that feels like. You are in the place of neutrality. To me, it feels light and open and clean and quiet/still.

Practice a few times throughout your day. If something comes up that throws you for a loop, name the emotion, go to its polar opposite, then come back to the neutral center point. The more often you practice, the easier this gets. The other benefit? You realize they are all just emotions.

And with that, it’s time for tea. I believe today’s fine brew is Cinnamon Spice.


I’ve been working expos for a few years now, but being an empath or working as an empath even comes up in my practice. I do have the ability to work as an empath. It’s not a good thing. It’s not a bad thing. And it’s not a “special” thing like some people would like to believe. It can, however, be a pain in the rear if you don’t know how to work properly as an empath.

As you may have guessed, this is a soap box issue for me…

For those of us who are empaths, we feel what you are feeling, what you’re going through. We “get it” at a very basic level. In feeling what you feel, we may take your energy into us. This happens quite¬†often when we are doing healings. But think about it for a moment. As an empath, I may take your energy into me, which makes you feel better. I, however, am now gunked up with your stuff. In comparison, traditional Shamans are able to take your energies in, but they are wired to transmute or neutralize those energies, then have the ability to move those energies back out. You feel better and the Shaman is left energetically clean. Empaths are not wired to do this vital step.

So, how do you do your work without getting overloaded and overwhelmed with everyone else’s stuff? I use the Gold Light to hold myself and the area around me clear. Specifically, after I ground to the core of the planet and bring that energy up through me, I bring down the Universal energy from the Source. I ask that Universal energy to flood through me, then mix with the core energy. I then ask for a column of Gold Light to come down starting from above my Higher Self and extending down about four feet below my feet. I then ask the Gold Light to spread all through my body then out as far beyond the bounds of my aura as it wishes to go. Within this Golden orb, I am secure, sacred, clean. When working with my clients, I imagine an overlay of them in the buffer zone just outside the edge of my aura. Once I feel what’s going on, I let the overlay go and work on the issue presented. It’s like peeling off an onion layer.

If you would like more detailed information and instruction on the Gold Light Exercise, please go to Drs. Loren and Diane Mickelson’s website, They have posted a video on their website where Loren will walk you through the process.

It takes a little bit of practice, but the exercise is soooo worth it. That is, unless you like catching every little thing your clients have, or feeling sick by the end of your work day, or….

OK, the soap box session is over. It’s time for some fun!